Tuesday February 09 , 2016

AutoMind Collision History

1970's: The Dream is Born

1973 - The Founders Meet
At an industry training event, three young autobody apprentices meet, become friends and share their dream of opening an autobody shop of their own: Mr. Tom Jung, Mr. Van Ming Giang, and Mr.Sunny Loh.

1980's: A Strong Beginning

1981 - A New Idea; A New Kind of Shop
For 8 years their friendship continues, continually meeting to have fun and share their frustrations about the state of the industry: corners cut, cash deals, poor craftsmanship, etc. With each passing week, their conversations about opening a new kind of shop begin to grow stronger.
1982 - AutoMind's First Shop
One year later, 255 East 7th Avenue opens its doors for the first time. AutoMind's founders realize their dream, but little did they know that bigger things were to come.
1986 - The Big Move
As AutoMind's reputation for quality repair and trusted service grew, so did the company. Soon 255 East 7th Avenue was no longer big enough and the company was forced to move. After an exhaustive search spanning the entire city, a new location was finally chosen: 280 East 7th Avenue… just across the street.

1990's: Rapid Expansion

1991 - AutoMind Adds Shop #2
With new employees and Partners on board, the company begins to realize even greater success and a series of new shops are opened. The first of these new shops was the Richmond Bridgeport location.
1994 - 3rd Shop Transforms Sadness into Strength
In the Fall of 1992, Tom Jung, one of AutoMind's founders passes away. Those left behind will not let his dream falter and AutoMind opens its 3rd shop in Burnaby.
1998 - Flagship Fourth
Riding on the momentum of having 3 successful AutoMind locations, the company opens its flagship location: Vancouver 10th.
1998 - The AutoMind Brand Begins
To unify the look-and-feel of all locations, AutoMind set out to create a single brand identity. AutoMind receives its new striking logo and colour scheme in the Fall of 1998.

2000's: Building a Service-Oriented Company

2004 - First CEO
AutoMind moves into the 21st Century with a new organized management structure and elects its first CEO, Mr. Paul Tseng, who unifies all 4 shops under one powerful vision: to create a customer-focused, transparent repair process.
2005 - Corporate Headquarters
AutoMind's Richmond location is moved from Bridgeport to Vulcan Way and becomes AutoMind's new Corporate Headquarters.
2006 - Merger of 7th and 10th Ave
AutoMind 7th Avenue and AutoMind 10th Avenue merged to create a unified auto repair centre servicing the Vancouver area.
The AutoMind Corporate Headquarters relocates to the flagship Vancouver shop.
Richmond proceeds to run as an independent AutoMind body shop.
2006 - Lean Transformation
The AutoMind Group began a new journey in providing a clean, efficient, and friendly environment for the clients and workers alike. Through our transformation, the culture and efficiency of our repair facilities have made us industry-leaders.
2007 - Squamish AutoMind Opens
AutoMind Squamish opens for business to service Squamish, Whistler and the entire Sea-To-Sky Corridor.
2008 - AutoMind Launches "Open Up" Branding
AutoMind launches it's "Open Up" concept. AutoMind is committed to gaining our customer's trust through opening up and being transparent.
2009 - Technological Transformation
Understanding that the complete customer experience should include education and instant up-to-date information, AutoMind launched a series of online initiatives. Included are a multilingual website, online educational videos on the repair process, online status checking, Facebook page, and a mobile website. These technological tools continue to evolve and grow.

2010's: Growth And Continuous Improvement

2010 - Abbotsford AutoMind Opens
Erv's Autobody is acquired and reopens as AutoMind Abbotsford to service the Abbotsford community.
Erv's Autobody opened it's doors in 1967 and had been at the same landmark location for 43 years. AutoMind Abbotsford is located off South Fraser Way right across the street from Canadian Tire.
2010 - Centralized Accounting Office Redesign Completed
With the expansion of the AutoMind Group of shops, the centralized accounting office was redesigned and renovated to provide the most convenient bookkeeping service possible.