Thursday February 11 , 2016

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Repair Process Video Series

Automind Repair Process Videos

The AutoMind Repair Process Video Series is designed to show what is involved in each step of the repair process.

When you have made the appointment with the AutoMind Repair Process Manager and have dropped off your vehicle for repair, you may be like many of our clients in having the same question: "What's happening to my vehicle?"

Image if you were to be able to go behind-the-scenes to see what does happen to your vehicle. What if you were able to learn what these terms “strip-down”, “framing”, “prepping” and “sand-blasting” really meant to your vehicle?

There’s no better way to find out than with a visit to AutoMind Collision, go behind the office and reception, and find out what really goes on in the shop repair area. Find out how we really take care of your vehicle.

The AutoMind Repair Process Video Series allows our clients to follow along and learn what happens to a vehicle from the time we take it in, to the time that it is returned to you in pre-accident condition. You don't need to be a "mechanic", or "techie" to understand our repair process video series. Also for your convienience, we've provided sub-titling throughout the video series.

At AutoMind, we develop safe, innovative systems not only for repairing your vehicle. We make an effort to integrate technologies with the most important component, you, our client.

You can visit the AutoMind Repair Processs Video Series by clicking on the menu item above, or by clicking our quick link here.